Our services in more detail

Does your business need an app? Are you worried about where to begin? Can you afford it? Come and ask us. We can develop mobile ready apps compatible with all devices and it's not as expensive as you think. 

Is your current website mobile ready? We can check and it's FREE OF CHARGE...

Ever had one of those annoying email messages? "Your message has been rejected as SPAM" or "Message Undeliverable"... We offer hosted exchange and IMAP solutions from as little as £9.99 per year per mailbox. This includes spam filtering, barracuda firewalls and email tracing functionality.

CCTV can help protect your home, business and vehicles. Its a great deterrent to any would be burglars and can reduce the cost of your insurance. Our CCTV systems start at £99 fully fitted. 

We can also maintain your current hardware or upgrade you to the latest HD systems.

We're here to help when googling something doesn't. We're happy to answer quick questions or can look to tailor a complete monthly support solution for your business starting from £10 per machine per month.

We have over 20 years IT knowledge cover all aspects of computing from Mac's to Servers and Phones to Printers. We even know how to use Windows 10.

When your iPhone wants to sync to I cloud, your PC wants to sync to One Drive and Google wants to hold everything on the web for you too, it's difficult to know where all your data is. Then when you know that all it takes is someone to guess your ID to gain access to all your data, it can be concerning. Who actually sees your stuff?

We offer a multi-product web based solution. It will back-up your phones, tablets and PC's to a central location with 2 tier security from as little as £30 per year. Your data is safe, it's accessible whenever there's an internet connection and it holds up to 20 previous versions of each file backed up, so no more accidental overwriting of your important sales figures.

With more and more people now relying on mobile devices to work, communicate and pretty much live, we know how difficult it can be to be without them. Black Dog Solutions have trained phone and tablet repair specialists on site to ensure your screen is replaced within an hour. Should it be a more difficult fix, not to worry, we have partnered with one of the UKs largest phone and tablet repair companies who can resolve most mobile related issues.

Accidents happen and generally at the worst time. We're here to help. We can perform one off repairs or help your business with it’s disaster recovery procedures. 

We have an abundance of spare parts and a wealth of knowledge (ok, we occasionally reply on YouTube) to ensure your hardware is back, up and running in next to no time.

A website sells your business to the world, but it doesn't stop there. Did you know that potential customers now find your business almost as much through social business as they do via Google, Yahoo and MSN. We do.

Did you also know that they don't just look at business pages, they'll check out your personal profile too. So if you're a start-up, small business or thinking of that next job, maybe it's time for an internet spring clean.

We're here to help and with prices starting from £99 for a single page website or £35 for social media training, what is there to lose?



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